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Ojai School Lunch Monitor 2015-16 #3

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Hello and welcome back to the Ojai School Lunch Monitor!  Since my last post, I have become aware of the existence of a valuable resource for anyone who is interested in eating lunch at the OUSD school cafeterias: the OUSD Elementary School Lunch Calendar: These debuted this school year and were produced by Food for Thought Ojai in conjunction with OUSD Nutrition Services and an organization down …
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Oranges, Harvest of the Month for February

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The Harvest of the Month for February is Oranges. We are so very lucky to live in Ojai and to be surrounded by so much delicious citrus. We use the term Orange rather loosely to describe many different citrus types including sweet oranges, sour oranges, Seville, Mandarin and Tangerine.  The most popular orange is the Naval, but Cara Cara and Bloods oranges are being seen on menus …
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Lunch Monitor 2015-16 #2

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Ojai Lunch Monitor #2 Academic year 2015-16   Hello and welcome back to the Ojai Lunch monitor! I decided to eat my first school lunch of 2016 at Matilija Junior High on Tuesday February 2nd. On another beautiful sunny day of our so-far El Nino-less winter I signed in at the office and walked around the building to the lunch …
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Seed Swap!

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The Ojai Seed and Plant Swap is coming up soon! This event is open to all – seed savers and seed planters alike. Generally most seeds are freely offered by hobbyists and professionals although there are some sales/donation requests for certain potted plants and starts and some commercially packaged seed. There is a $5 donation request at the door to …
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Ojai Lunch Monitor #1

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Ojai Lunch Monitor #1 Academic year 2015-16 Hello and welcome (and welcome back) to the Ojai Lunch Monitor! A quick word of introduction: I am one of the board members of Food for Thought Ojai (aka FFTO).  I originally joined the board because FFTO’s founder, Marty Fujita, was my patient (one of my other identities is as an Ojai family …
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Harvest of the Month for December – Carrots

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Harvest of the Month for December is Carrots, and they are featured on the snack and lunch menus at public schools throughout Ojai and Ventura County.  Poco Farms has been growing carrots for our district this year, and some of the carrots served will have traveled a short distance (under a mile) to the schools. The part of the carrot …
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FFT executive Director Lori Hamor receives award!

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It had been an exceedingly busy week, yet not an unusual one for Food For Thought’s Executive Director Lori Hamor. After our finance committee meeting that morning Lori and I were reviewing the budget for final approval, rewriting staff contracts, and discussing new garden based curriculum to address the drought while preparing the agenda for our evening board meeting. It …
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A Note From a Parent That Warmed Our Hearts

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Over the past 12 years Food for Thought Ojai has received many dozens of thank you notes from students following their farm field trips. We love the drawings and descriptions of their time on the farm. We also receive very thoughtful thank you notes from Chaparral students acknowledging the organic produce we donate for classroom snacking. This note, received earlier …