Frequently Asked Questions

How do I learn more about volunteering?

Please email us at Our programs exist because of our generous volunteer force. We have many opportunities to help out with nutrition education, taste testing and in the school gardens.

Do you grow food for school lunches?

Nope, we don’t. Food for Thought Ojai is a program that teaches school children about making healthier food choices and educates families on the connections between food, health and environment. We team up with our Nutrition Services department and assist with equipment upgrades and promoting the Harvest of the Month program to teach students about the bounty of seasonal produce available to Ventura County residents (we are so lucky!)

Does Food for Thought Ojai work with Ojai private schools?

FFTO is a non-profit Farm-to-School program for the Ojai Unified School District. We have worked with other schools in the Ojai Valley in varying capacities. For example, we co-produce Earth Day with Oak Grove School each year and we purchase mulch from Ojai Montessori for use in the school gardens. Our educational program is provided only to OUSD schools but we can consult with people interested in starting a farm-to-school program at their school.

Is Food for Thought only working in the school gardens?

FFTO works in the gardens at 5 elementary schools but also teaches in-class nutrition education curriculum to 3rd and 6th graders and in-class garden lessons to grades K, 1, 2 and 5. Food for Thought Ojai takes all 4th students to a local farm each year as part of our Agricultural Literacy program and stipends teachers working on Environmental Awareness projects.

How is Food for Thought funded?

Food for Thought Ojai is funded by community donations and grants. We do not receive funding from the school district, although the school district does pay for the water used in the school gardens. FFTO funds the staffing, equipment and materials needed to provide this wonderful Farm-to-School program.